Time to rest…

1 min readApr 12, 2021

It has been 2 weeks since I posted my story “All time highs: out of hibernation” predicting S&P to rise beyond 4000. That prediction turned out to be very correct (even surpassing my expectations) as S&P went from 3974 to 4128 in virtually a straight line in that period!

Hope you enjoyed making the EZMoney and are doing cartwheels at the moment!

Q) So what’s next?

A) We are due for a pause where the market rests and goes sideways to down, consolidating these sharp gains. This will give investors another chance to buy the dip and get in on this massive rally.

And of course the principle of market being unpredictable holds so don’t be surprised to see a sharp correction or a sharp bounce!

Q) Should I sell and take profits then?

A) I agree its very tempting to sell your winners but timing the market is difficult. So as long as you won’t get upset if the stocks you sold went higher, definitely take some profits. You can sell part of a winning stock and keep some for the future!

Til next time, enjoy the EZMoney!!

PS: Bitcoin hasn’t made new highs though Ethereum has done so by a little. It seems more consolidation is expected in crypto land before the next leg higher.