What’s next? And Bitcoin 60k!

1 min readMar 13, 2021


In my previous story shared last weekend, I took the bullish stance on the markets when pundits were suggesting to build a cash position. This indeed proved correct when S&P 500 touched an all time high last week and was up a ~3% for the week! You may have also seen increasing number of buys in my stock sheet as well.

Congratulations on making this EZMoney!

Q) So what’s next? Should I sell and take profits?

A) Not yet, the market has just found its footing and seems to be gearing up for a huge run ahead. There is a small pullback possible since we were up 4 days in a row but timing this is neither EZ nor recommended. So hold on! And the usual caveats apply of market being unpredictable (second principle).

And we woke up to Bitcoin crossing a new all time high of 60k and Ethereum near its all time high. If you followed my sheet, you are enjoying a 15–20% rise in less than two weeks!

Enjoy the EZMoney! And do I hear the show “EZ Money” airing on CNBC soon? :)